Blueapple Logistic Solutions Pvt Ltd provides reliable cargo shipping to destinations across the Globe.

We are attentive towards perfect documentation and security. We proudly stand head and shoulders above our competitors due to our unique combination of experience and innovation along with ethics and integration. We also regard the protection of the natural environment that is guarding us, as a guiding principle.

We started as a fresh proprietary concern in the year 2011, upgraded to a private limited company in the year 2013. We have evolved with every passing day. Capitalizing years of experience, we differentiate ourselves by our uniqueness and creativity, the key drivers needed to deliver flexible & reliable solutions sets to different challenges (even real time), induced by the growth of our customers, diversified industries and the increasing market demands.

We free our clients from the supply chain management hassle, letting them to focus on their primary business. We have established a repute of trust and goodwill among our clients and are on the verge of leading the logistic sector. We are here to move your business, global today.