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Southco, a US Brand, is No.1 in Engineered Latches, Hinges & more
With 50000+ products, caters to 150,000 customers in 40 countries.
Manufacturing in India at Pune

AHP is the Top Distributor of Soutco in India


Compression Latches

Compresses gaskets and seals doors with one simple motion, meets NEMA/IP requirements Clamps securely to eliminate noise and rattle

Cam Latches

Simple quarter-turn operation to secure doors Adjustable versions allow users to customize the fit Sealed versions provide NEMA/IP compliance

Push-To-Close Latches

Intuitive push-to-close operation holds doors secure Wide range of quick actuation options provides easy user access

Rotary Latching Systems

Concealed, push-to-close latching at one or more points of a door Remote actuation allows latch and actuator to be positioned

Draw Latches

Clamps and holds two panels together Secures against vibration, rattle and panel misalignment.Wide variety of sizes and styles

Swinghandle & Multipoint Systems

Provides latching at multiple points around a door with a single action Optimizes sealing and eliminates pry points, door flexing and rattle

Entry Door Locksets

Door hardware engineered to withstand harsh marine environments Suitable for cabin or entry door and deck applications

Electronic Access & Locking Solutions

Intelligent locking and latching Remote access control and monitoring Simplified key management

Cam Locks And Lock Plugs

Operates with a simple 90 degree turn Key, tool, and hand operated options Adjustable grip options compenate for variation


Captive Screws

Stays secure to the panel, preventing loss and protecting sensitive electronics Tool recess, thread size and installation options to suit any application

DZUSĀ® Quarter-Turn Fasteners

Quickly secures and releases with a 90 degree turn Stays captive to the panel, providing ease of use and preventing lost hardware

Quick Access Fasteners

Provides quick access for hinged or removable panels Latches into thru or blind holes Locates sliding panels

Rivets And Other Hardware

Available in six different diameters and numerous lengths Materials and sizes to suit a range of environmental and strength requirements

Inject/Eject Mechanisms

Ergonomic insertion, extraction and locking of electronic modules Adheres to industry standards for robustness and hot swap capability


Free Swinging Hinges

Simple free swinging hinges Wide range of materials and styles Surface mount, and flush hinge options

Removable Hinges

Detachable hinges and lift-off hinges to remove the door for unhindered access Concealed mount hardware Surface mount and concealed

Concealed Hinges

Hidden hinges make them invisible in the application Concealed hinges provide clean exteriors and enhance vandal resistance

Detent Hinges

Hold the door or lid in a defined position Simple surface mount Maintains consistent performance over a long cycle life

Torque Hinges

Friction hinges to hold the door or lid in all positions Maintains consistent smooth feel and constant torque over a long cycle life

Counterbalance Hinges

Position and lift heavy lids Make a heavy lid feel weightless A reliable alternative to gas struts with enhanced ergonomics

Monitor Mounts

Monitor Mounts


Monitor Arms



Surface Mount Grab Handles

Convenient grip and strength for heavy lifting or pulling Surface mount with concealed installation

Folding Handles

Low profile style folds compact when not in use Concealed installation for limited spaces Anti-rattle friction feature keeps

Flush Pulls

Durable and stylish design for heavy doors and panels Simple, single mount hole installation Lock core options available for

Concealed Pulls

Concealed, flush mount design eliminates catch points Stylish design complements industrial design Handle stores inside